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The Longest Ride Free

Professional bull rider Luke Collins meets Sophia Danko, an art student at Wake Forest University, after she attends a PBR event. On the way home from their first date, they spot a car crash in the woods and help rescue an elderly man from the vehicle, along with a box full of letters.

The Longest Ride

Luke is injured while riding and is rushed to hospital. He is advised not to ride again but he refuses to accept that his career is over. Following an argument, Luke and Sophia break up. In flashbacks, Ira and Ruth break up because she cannot see a life without children in their future. However, weeks later, Ruth returns as she cannot live without Ira. Decades later, now 80 years old, Ira wakes up to find Ruth has died in her sleep.

Sophia and Luke are contacted by Ira's attorney who tells them that he has died and an auction will be held for his collection of paintings. Meanwhile, Luke wins his last ride, and the event championship, but feels disappointed because Sophia is not there to share it with him.

Going to the auction, Luke buys the first piece of art, a simple painting by Daniel "Portrait of Ruth". He and Sophia reconcile with a kiss after he tells her he will not ride anymore because what he really wants is to be with her for the rest of his life. The auctioneer then reveals Ira's clause in the auction rules was: whoever buys Daniel's portrait will receive the entire collection, worth almost $200 million, as it is the piece of art that meant the most to him.

Principal photography began on June 16, 2014, in Wilmington and Winston-Salem, North Carolina.[10][11][12] On July 28, filming started in Jacksonville, where a major rodeo scene was shot. The PBR was the technical advisor and producer for all of the bull riding events.[13] PBR bull riders doubled for Scott and appeared in the film.[13] The crew then moved to Winston-Salem at the Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum.[14][15]

"This is what I do," Luke tells Sophia near the end of the movie. It's supposed to explain his unflinching stupidity for wanting to ride a bull. But it's also a fitting reminder that there isn't any logic behind Luke and Sophia's characters. They just do.

Parents need to know that The Longest Ride, while somewhat charming, is your standard-issue Nicholas Sparks romance. It tackles some pretty weighty subjects, including death, infertility, and traumatic injuries. The amount of romance/steamy stuff is fairly on par with The Notebook -- in particular, there's a scene featuring a couple having sex in the shower (bare backsides are shown, plus a quick glimpse of her breast from the side/front). Also passionate kissing, other scenes of implied sex, and some cleavage/underwear shots. Swearing includes "bulls--t" and "hell," and there's some social drinking. Since the story involves bull riding, expect some cringe-inducing scenes in which a rider is thrown and injured; there's also a car crash that leaves the driver hurt and bloodied.

Luke Collins (Scott Eastwood) is a champion bull rider who's thrown off his game, literally, by a massive injury he sustains in the arena. A year later, he's staging a comeback when he runs into Sophia (Britt Robertson), a college senior who's majoring in art and is ready to leave Greensboro, N.C., for a gallery internship in New York. Drawn to each other despite their differences, Luke and Sophia decide to not pursue a relationship because she's leaving in two months. But when they pass by a car accident and rescue an old man (Alan Alda) and his cache of love letters to his wife, Luke and Sophia's trajectories shift direction.

Now comes the longest drive, a three-and-a-half-hour trek to the center of the cinematic action: Wilmington. The city is known as Hollywood East for extensive film, TV and commercial credits earned during the past three decades. Filmmakers also find their way to neighboring communities.

At some point in Oregon, the riders adopted a puppy they named Nip. The black Gordon setter stuck with them the entire trip. Regularly stepped on by the horses, Nip covered large sections of the route limping on three legs.

The heavy rain turned the trails to mud, slowing their progress and drawing down their food supplies. On another wet and frigid night, the riders packed themselves together in the corner of an abandoned cabin to keep from freezing.

In Dillon, Montana, the Overland Westerners stopped to have boxes of promotional calendars and postcards printed. The riders needed to diversify their income after magazine subscriptions failed to meet expectations.

The long ride through eastern Montana, the Dakotas and Minnesota produced journal entries that matched the sameness of the landscape. Beck described a pattern of nights in barns and mornings spent brushing hayseeds from their hair and manure from their clothes.

A butcher in Maine took the riders home for dinner and insisted that Beck, who had an untreated knee injury, see his family doctor. Once patched up, the butcher paid the bill and handed the riders $25 in cash. The equivalent of nearly $600 in 2015, the money eased their travels as a fall chill set in.

The equivalent of six coast-to-coast trips across the United States, the journey ranks as the longest horseback ride of the 20th century, according to the Long Riders Guild, an international group of equestrians who undertake trips of more than 1,000 miles.

Pinto continued to roam around the ghost town of Port Blakely and the summer homes that popped up in nearby Pleasant Beach. His neighborhood food pilfering was tolerated just as he tolerated the kids that climbed on his back and whistled for rides.

Only tear-jerker specialist Nicholas Sparks, perhaps the most-filmed novelist so far this century, could come up with a story combining a modern-day bull rider and a Holocaust refugee in his trademark North Carolina settings.

It's an era in which the men are strong but tenderhearted and committed, the women radiant but wary, needing to be wooed in some swoony fashion that hopefully involves kissing in the rain or in a shower. When Luke Collins (Eastwood) picks Sophia Danko (Robertson) up to take her out on their first date in The Longest Ride, he strides through her college campus and up to the front door of her sorority house wielding a bouquet of flowers. He's a cowboy, a professional bull rider on the PBR circuit, but in that scene, he looks like he might as well be a time traveler visiting from another time and place.

"And you know what?" said Rasmussen, "Scott Eastwood, who is Clint's son, is the nicest guy. He was all in, just as friendly and as great a guy as you can imagine. He learned the walk and learned the talk, just hung out with the bull riders. He was great."

Despite falling in love, an aspiring artist (Britt Robertson) can't quite imagine how she could ride out a life with a rodeo star (Scott Eastwood), until an elderly man (Alan Alda) shares some relationship advice.

The Longest Ride parallels two love stories, following three characters: 91-year-old Ira Levinson, a lonely widower who faces a grim cancer prognosis; Luke Collins, a 20-something champion bull rider who is attempting a return to competition after a devastating spill during a competition nearly killed him; and Sophia Danko, a senior majoring in art history at Wake Forest University.

Luke calls Sophia, but she doesn't answer because she has an upcoming art internship in New York after she graduates in 2 months and doesn't think it worthwhile to pursue a relationship. Her friend (who was drunk in the bar that night) convinces her to call him as all the sorority girls would like to be with a handsome bull rider like that. He takes her out to a secluded lake and brings some delicious barbecue take out for them to eat. On the ride home, though it's pouring outside, Luke notices some missing rails on a bridge, reverses and run towards a car- It's on fire, and an elderly passenger is inside. As he is rescuing the old man, he keeps yelling about saving a box in the front seat. Sophia grabs the box, and they take him to the hospital. Sophia agrees to stay behind with the elderly gentleman and they part ways as Sophia explained to him earlier that she won't be in town for much longer. While in the waiting room, Sophia opens the box and discovers a lot of letters- she opens one and find that it's addressed from a young Ira to his late wife, Ruth. When he's out of surgery, Sophia introduces herself and hands him the box. The old man is giving trouble to eat his food so she says she'll read him one of the letters (as his eyesight is not a good as it used to be) if he eats. While eating we cut to a scene with a young Ira being introduced to a young immigrant Ruth from Austria, at his parents store- he is at a loss for words.

Sophia and Luke are now in a relationship. While talking to his mom one day at home, she reveals that his father was also a bull rider who passed away several years ago. Luke rides Bulls as a way to keep the ranch and his mom afloat. Sophia's boss calls her and tells her that the New York art dealer will be in Charlotte that weekend and asks if she'd be interested in meeting him, she says yes. On leaving to meet the art curator she receives a call from Luke's friend and finds out that he took a rough fall and is in the hospital. She calls her boss to let her know she can't make it this weekend. While at the hospital, she hears the doctor warn Luke not to ride again, as he was warned against riding after his serious injury (for which he has a scar on his chest) at the beginning of the movie. Sophia is concerned as she cares about Luke, and doesn't want him to harm himself, upon being discharged from the hospital she assumes he will stop riding bulls but when he tells her he won't she breaks up with him as she can't be with him if he is harming himself unnecessarily especially after she called her boss to cancel both the meeting this weekend and her upcoming internship so they could be together. His mom says that he is making a mistake letting her go as she is the rest of his life. When he explains that he does it for his mom, she says she will make it without the ranch and that the only person he is doing it for is himself. 041b061a72

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