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STEP 1. Find the sewn with the tag shows “BACK” and lay the slipcover on the sofa from front to back.
STEP 2. Drape the sofa cover down over all the arms.
STEP 3. Adjust the arms of the sofa cover to fit the arms of the furniture.
STEP 4. Use your foam sticks to tuck any excess fabric from the inside arm of the sofa into the crease between the armrest and the seat. And pull any excess fabric from the middle of the seating area towards the arm. Tuck the excess fabric into the crease near the arm. Repeat with the other side.
STEP 5. Pull any excess fabric with the backrest and tuck it tightly into the crease under the back support. One-piece covers usually have ties to the skirt. Tie them to tighten the fabric around the base of the sofa.

Note: Our L-shaped sofa cover is made up of 2 separate sofa covers. As long as the sofa is within the size range of our sofa cover, the position of the sofa cover can be reversed. However, they are only suitable for removable L-shaped sofas, not for non-removable L-shaped sofa covers.

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To make your cover fit even better, we include special fixings, which are polyurethane bars, in your order. Depending on the chosen cover, you will receive the necessary quantity of the type of attachment that fits best.

Be aware that the fixing may vary from that shown in the videos, from the experience of our customers and the progress that we incorporate as we go, with the objective of always offering you the best service.

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