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Boris Mishin
Boris Mishin

Deutschland Spielt Crack Version: Die besten Tipps und Tricks für PC-Spiele Fans

The video was made at and around Angel tube station in Islington, London, and was uploaded to YouTube on 22 April 2010.[20] It depicts the story of a young woman addicted to drugs, portrayed by Selina MacDonald, who's seen trying to earn money selling The Big Issue magazine on the streets of London, actually selling one to Sheeran himself. The girl's struggles, both financial and existential, result in her prostituting herself to get money to buy crack. In the end, the girl dies alone in her room from her drug use, the outcome being the preface of the video, where a tearful grieving woman can be seen beside her corpse. An acoustic, unplugged version of the song was also uploaded onto the official Ed Sheeran YouTube page on 10 May 2011.

Deutschland Spielt Crack Version


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