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Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead is just another victim of Valve's almost comical antipathy towards the number three, with the series seeing two brilliant entries in quickfire succession over 2008/2009 before it was left 4 modders. Who over the years have done quite the job, it has to be said, with a particular favourite being the mod that added Jaden Smith's tweets to the game as deranged graffiti (opens in new tab) (also a shout-out to the one that replaces the Charger enemy type with Homer Simpson in his car (opens in new tab)).

left 4 dead 2

These are the foot soldiers in the army of the undead. Found wandering literally everywhere, the Common Infected lack strategy and can appear as a single attacker or an obnoxious herd. Don't let your hubris be your downfall; a simple car alarm can trigger a screeching swarm that can rapidly overpower you.

Left 4 Dead 2 introduced the Uncommon Infected. These are the undead saps that took their work with them beyond the grave. For instance, the CEDA (Civil Emergency and Defense Agency) Worker zombies are stuck inside their hazmat suits and are therefore resistant to fire. The Riot Infected wear bulletproof armor and carry front-facing shields, Worker Infected are immune to pipebombs and their construction helmets deflect headshots, Mud Men are fast and sneaky, and Clown Infected call for backup with their squeaky shoes.

The Smokers cough aggressively, so they're easy to echolocate. We recommend caution near arena hazards when you can hear the cough because these undead nicotine addicts can and will drag you through them with their slimy tongues. Their tongues can be severed, and they themselves are functionally easy to kill, but boy are they gross.

Considered to be one of the Special Infected, Spitters are gaping mawed creatures that snipe you with acid shots. Wherever the acid lands will become a deadly, corrosive arena hazard. The hacking sound it makes while spewing foul liquid is wretched, but if you're light on your feet, then the sound is as bad as the encounter gets.

They're dangerous at even a distance, so we recommend firing from an even further distance, out of reach for its deadly sniper puke and even deadlier bile explosions. Unfortunately, a safe distance makes the second tip more difficult; kill Boomers quickly. Every successful shot it gets off is another chance for the Common Infected to arrive and overwhelm you.

The Survivors have their own new playthings too. Incendiary and explosive ammo can be added to weapons for an offensive boost, while lazer sights improve targeting. Boomer Bile is a brand new grenade weapon that turns the Infected against each other for a brief period of time, and there are new consumable items such as Adrenaline, which makes Survivors faster and allows them to power through hordes. Joining the iconic Medkits is the new Defibrillator, which will bring a dead Survivor back to life.

The M79 grenade launcher acts appears as a special primary weapon with an uncommon spawn rate. It deals high explosive damage but is single shot, requiring a reload after every shot, and its explosions can easily damage other survivors. The M79 comes with 30 grenades plus one already in the weapon, and cannot be resupplied; once all the ammo is used up, the M79 is dropped and the survivor is left with just their secondary weapon.

The Steyr Scout with a left-handed bolt and an extended magazine adapter is one of the four international firearms in L4D2. It has a lower rate of fire than other sniper rifles in game, but good accuracy. It also erroneously holds 15 rounds instead of 10.

The Accuracy International AWM is one of the four international firearms in L4D2. It appears with a left-handed bolt and has the slowest rate of fire (excluding the Grenade Launcher) in the game but inflicts a high amount of damage per shot. In-game it holds an impossible 20 rounds instead of the real AWM's 5. 041b061a72

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