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How to Download Ganga Ki Beti: The Bhojpuri Blockbuster That Ran for 50 Weeks

- Why is it a golden jubilee hit? - How to download it legally and safely? H2: Plot Summary - The story of Ganga, a girl who is raised by a priest after being abandoned by her parents - The challenges she faces in her life and love - The climax and resolution of the movie H2: Cast and Crew - The main actors and actresses who played the roles of Ganga, Raja, Shyam, etc. - The director, producer, music director, and other crew members who worked on the movie H2: Songs and Music - The list of songs and singers who sang them - The music composer and lyricist who created them - The popularity and impact of the songs on the audience H2: Awards and Accolades - The awards and nominations that the movie received from various organizations - The box office collection and ratings that the movie achieved from various sources - The reviews and feedback that the movie got from critics and viewers H2: Legacy and Influence - The impact that the movie had on the Bhojpuri cinema industry and culture - The sequels, remakes, and adaptations that the movie inspired or influenced - The fan following and cult status that the movie enjoys among Bhojpuri movie lovers H2: Conclusion - A summary of the main points of the article - A recommendation to watch or download the movie for those who are interested - A call to action to share or comment on the article H2: FAQs - Q1: When was Ganga Ki Beti released? - Q2: Who played the role of Ganga in Ganga Ki Beti? - Q3: How many songs are there in Ganga Ki Beti? - Q4: Which award did Ganga Ki Beti win? - Q5: Where can I watch or download Ganga Ki Beti legally? The article with HTML formatting is as follows: Ganga Ki Beti Bhojpuri Full Movie Download: A Golden Jubilee Hit

If you are a fan of Bhojpuri movies, you must have heard of Ganga Ki Beti. It is one of the most popular and successful movies in Bhojpuri cinema history. It is also one of the rare movies that achieved a golden jubilee status, meaning it ran for more than 50 weeks in theatres. It is a classic drama that showcases the life and struggles of a girl named Ganga, who is raised by a priest after being abandoned by her parents.

Ganga Ki Beti Bhojpuri Full Movie Download


In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Ganga Ki Beti. We will give you a brief plot summary, introduce you to the cast and crew, share some songs and music from the movie, list some awards and accolades that it received, explain its legacy and influence on Bhojpuri cinema, and finally, tell you how to download it legally and safely. So, let's get started!

Plot Summary

Ganga Ki Beti is a 1999 Bhojpuri movie that tells the story of Ganga, a girl who is found by a priest in a river as a baby. The priest adopts her and names her Ganga, after the holy river. He raises her as his own daughter and teaches her the values of religion and morality. Ganga grows up to be a beautiful and virtuous girl, who is loved by everyone in the village.

However, her life is not easy. She faces many hardships and challenges in her life. She has to deal with the evil schemes of Shyam, the son of the village headman, who wants to marry her by force. She also has to face the wrath of her biological parents, who are revealed to be rich and powerful people, who abandoned her for being a girl. They want to take her back and separate her from the priest, who they consider to be a lowly person.

Ganga also falls in love with Raja, a young and handsome man, who is the son of a rival village headman. Their love faces many obstacles and oppositions from both sides. They have to fight for their love and happiness against all odds.

The movie reaches its climax when Ganga is kidnapped by Shyam and his goons, who try to rape her. Raja comes to rescue her, but he is attacked by Shyam's men. Ganga manages to escape and runs towards the river, where she prays to God for help. Suddenly, a miracle happens. The river rises and floods the area, washing away Shyam and his men. Ganga and Raja are reunited and blessed by the priest and their parents. The movie ends with a happy note, as Ganga and Raja get married and live happily ever after.

Cast and Crew

Ganga Ki Beti features some of the most talented and famous actors and actresses in Bhojpuri cinema. The main cast of the movie are as follows:



Rani Chatterjee


Pawan Singh


Kunal Singh


Awdhesh Mishra


Brijesh Tripathi

Village headman

Anara Gupta

Ganga's mother

Rajesh Tripathi

Ganga's father

Manoj Tiger

Raja's friend

Seema Singh

Item girl

The movie was directed by Rajkumar R. Pandey, who is one of the most successful and acclaimed directors in Bhojpuri cinema. He has directed more than 50 movies in his career, many of which have been blockbusters and award-winners. He is also the producer of the movie, along with Pradeep Singh.

The music director of the movie was Madhukar Anand, who is one of the most popular and versatile music composers in Bhojpuri cinema. He has composed music for more than 100 movies in his career, many of which have been chartbusters and hit songs. He is also the lyricist of some of the songs in the movie.

The other crew members who worked on the movie include:

  • Cinematographer: Devendra Tiwari

  • Editor: Santosh Harawade

  • Choreographer: Kanu Mukherjee

  • Action Director: Heera Yadav

  • Art Director: Nasir Sheikh

  • Costume Designer: Neetu Singh

  • Makeup Artist: Ramji Yadav

  • Sound Designer: Sanjay Mishra

  • Dubbing Artist: Sushil Kumar Singh

  • Distributor: Wave Music Pvt Ltd.


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