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Thomas Rogers
Thomas Rogers

Never Alone PS4

Never Alone, also known as Kisima Inŋitchuŋa ("I am not alone"), is a puzzle-platform adventure video game developed by Upper One Games and published by E-Line Media based on the traditional Iñupiaq tale, "Kunuuksaayuka", which was first recorded by master storyteller Robert Nasruk Cleveland in his collection Stories of the Black River People.[3] Swapping between an Iñupiaq girl named Nuna and her Arctic fox companion, the player completes puzzles in a story that spans eight chapters. The game was the result of a partnership between the Cook Inlet Tribal Council and E-Line Media.[4] It is one of a growing number of video games produced by Indigenous people. A sequel was announced in February 2022.[5]

Never Alone PS4

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Never Alone is the result of a collaboration between some gaming industry veterans, an educational group, and actual Alaskan Natives. Just writing that is surreal to me, something I never thought could happen. That alone should be cause for celebration, but Never Alone is also stunningly poignant - and quite brilliant.

No yellow submarines here, but Beyond Blue does take you on an underwater adventure set in the near-future. You play as researcher Mirai, who leads a team that is using technology to explore the ocean like never before. The game will pack a narrative punch that will be combined with resource management gameplay. During your expedition, you will have to make tough calls on what objectives to pursue.

Set in the brutally cold Alaskan tundra, Never Alone tells the tale of Nuna, an Iñupiaq girl, and her pet fox. Her village constantly tormented by a never-ceasing blizzard, the duo sets off to find its source and potentially stop it. Along the way, they encounter the likes of polar bears, sky spirits, and little people with superhuman strength.

Even though controlling Nuna and fox can be tricky at times, Never Alone offers little in the way of actual challenge. The solutions to the puzzles that litter the landscape are almost always immediately recognizable, and the ones that offer new features are expounded upon and altered later in the game. Playing alone presents a bit more in the way of physical dexterity, as it requires switching between characters; although, cooperatively taking on Never Alone feels more like the exercise in teamwork that it was designed for.

With the arctic fox we wanted to convey the idea of interdependence. When you're out in the wild, even if you're alone you still have the wisdom that your elders taught you in the community house; the basic survival skills you need to be out there. You're not alone - we're never alone.

The Wii U sold fast and furious through the holiday season like Vin Diesel in a Dodge Charger, but fizzled out heading into early 2013 much like Taylor Kitsch's career. Nintendo further took a back seat as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were announced in February and May, respectively, where the Wii U's sales floundered amidst the unveiling of Sony and Microsoft's offerings like fresh water trout on the wooden deck of a schooner. Slowly and steadily Nintendo moved SKUs globally, but at a pace that spelled doom on the lips of many analysts like 1999ers were duck-tapping their house for the Mayan apocalypse that never happened. 041b061a72

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