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The Instrument cannot substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment by a trained medical professional. Diagnosis and treatment of human illness should be based collectively on medical history, including family medical history, and a physical examination along with a doctor's professional judgment and review of all test results. The material contained in the Instrument does not contain standards that are meant to be applied rigidly and followed in virtually all cases. Physicians' judgment must remain central to the selection of diagnostic tests and therapy options of a specific patient's medical condition.

Download Anglais medical pdf

Examinees who download SAGE from the Internet and take it at home are instructed to bring their completed test to their primary care physician. Scoring instructions and explanations for physicians are below:

You are being assessed for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). You, and someone who knows you well (significant other, family member, roommate or close friend), will be asked to complete forms in order to provide your medical professional with information on how you function in different areas of your life. The forms can be printed out as a package (which follows the CADDRA recommended adult ADHD assessment protocol) or separately.

Print out and complete the forms as advised by your health professional. The forms will provide him/her with information on how you function in different areas of life and must be reviewed by a trained medical professional as part of an overall ADHD assessment. ADHD is not identified just through questionnaires. Diagnosing ADHD is not a matter of simply recognizing certain symptoms; a thorough medical evaluation is necessary to rule out other possible causes for your symptoms.

The new Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire for Everyone (PAR-Q+) and the new online electronic Physical Activity Readiness Medical Examination (ePARmed-X+) pre-participation clearance strategy reduces markedly the barriers to physical activity participation for everyone. This new strategy includes paper and online versions of the PAR-Q+ and the online ePARmed-X+. At the end of the ePARmed-X+ process, it is possible that the participant is advised to consult a physician to discuss the various options regarding becoming more physically active. In this instance, the participant will be required to receive medical clearance for physical activity from a physician. Until this medical clearance is received, the participant is restricted to low intensity physical activity/exercise participation. A specially designed form (i.e., the ePARmed-X+ Physician Clearance Follow-up) has been created to assist physicians in the physical activity/exercise participation clearance process.

The following link contains the current consensus-panel approved version of the ePARmed-X+ Physician Clearance Follow-up: ePARmed-X+ Physician Clearance Form. This form can also be downloaded at the Health & Fitness Journal of Canada via this LINK.

VAERS data is accessible by downloading raw data in comma-separated value (CSV) files for import into a database, spreadsheet, or text editing program, or by using the CDC WONDER online search tool. Information provided to VAERS which identifies a person who received the vaccine or vaccines will not be made available to the public. De-identified VAERS data are available 4-6 weeks after the report is received. VAERS data change as new reports are received, so your results may change if you repeat the same search at a later date. To learn more about interpreting data see Guide to Interpreting VAERS Data.

VAERS data available to the public include only the initial report data to VAERS. Updated data which contains data from medical records and corrections reported during follow up are used by the government for analysis. However, for numerous reasons including data consistency, these amended data are not available to the public. 041b061a72

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