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Sims 4 Superhero Mod =LINK=

Click Here --->

Sims 4 Superhero Mod =LINK=

once youve done it, youll be able to earn a bronze medal. if you can accomplish all of the tasks required to reach your goal, you will be rewarded with a silver medal. the last and highest goal will reward you with a gold medal.

can you imagine doing anything in your regular life and suddenly it's changed dramatically, but for the better! im sure you've seen similar mods before like this for sims and the sims 2. but this may just be the best and most in-depth mod for the sims 4.

it may not be the most exciting or adventurous mod but it is one with some pretty high quality features. theres no doubt that some of you will love it. and as i say, you can access it by simply selecting the armageddon menu and selecting superhero.

i think these sims 4 mods are pretty self explanatory. so if you need anything or have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected] also if you would like to see more related to sims 4 or even any of my posts, let me know in the comments section! i am here to answer any questions!

also, if youd like to add the sims 4 to your wishlist, as well as a few other sims 4 mods, please let me know! i would also love to see how other modders are developing great new mods and creations for the sims 4. i will be sure to keep this page updated for your reading pleasure!

want to own someone's head as a baby, ready to care for it and they become best friends well good luck! the complete puppets mod by the same user lets you wear that or any other.. completely non-alive head of their choosing (we all know the sims has a fertile imagination) as your own, complete with cuteness and sleep capability. from the lifelike little mouses to the other baby heads, it is an all in one baby head petting, cuddling, nurturing and feeding mod. 3d9ccd7d82

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