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Boris Mishin
Boris Mishin

The Jenny Show 1.mp4

Joanne "JoJo" McCarthy showing off her cleavage in a low cut top and at one point grabbing her breasts and pushing them up and down all while talking with Jenny McCarthy and a guy. From The Jenny McCarthy Show.

The Jenny Show 1.mp4

Melanie Chen Cole (Sound Designer) is delighted to be working with Diversionary Theatre again! She is a San Diego based sound designer who has worked all over the country. Past Diversionary Theatre shows include Well, 2.5 Minute Ride, Baby with the Bathwater, and Boys & Girls. Her recent regional credits include: Tiny Beautiful Things, The Imaginary Invalid (The Old Globe); POP Tour 2019: Light Years Away, At the Old Place, POP Tour 2018: #SuperShinySara (La Jolla Playhouse); Romeo & Juliet (Alabama Shakespeare Festival); Steel Magnolias (Dallas Theater Center); Sherwood: The Adventures of Robin Hood (PlayMakers Repertory Company); Aubergine, Actually, Vietgone (San Diego Rep); Pride and Prejudice (Cygnet Theatre); Moon Over Buffalo, The Father, This Random World (North Coast Repertory Theatre); Miss Bennet, Avenue Q, Men on Boats (New Village Arts Theatre); Smokefall, Bachelorette (Backyard Renaissance Theatre Company). Melanie holds an M.F.A. in Sound Design for Theatre & Dance from UC San Diego.

A number of EBPs have been shown to be effective in teaching average students, struggling students, and students with disabilities in public schools. Although no research has been done to validate these practices in a JC setting, experts hypothesize that these strategies are likely to also prove effective in those settings. Some of these practices are briefly described in the subsequent sections.

This creates a animation you can view within RStudio. When run within knitr (and combined with knitr's = "animate" chunk option), it instead displays each of the figures in sequence to let knitr create an animation as seen above. 041b061a72

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