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Farhat Zinoviev

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In 1900 the custom of having an Alumnæ banquet at commencement was established. For several years following 1900 the association gave an annual prize of $25.00 for the best essay submitted on some subject of historical interest. A portrait of Hon. J. Y. Joyner was presented to the college about this time.

Ruth is quiet and reserved, but very congenial when one really knows her. She is always ready for some mischief, which can be told by one glance at her eyes. She has the ability to do everything well, even higher mathematics, which is her specialty and in which she has great possibilities. Although much time is taken up by her work, she has time to use the chafing-dish, make trips to the little store, and engage in other activities. She is sure to make good in whatever she undertakes, and leaves with the best wishes of her classmates.

You don't know Gladys? Well, you missed knowing one of the truest, most sincere, and musical girls dear to the Senior Class. Those who have been so fortunate as to call themselves her friends have found her always sympathetic, generous, and unselfish. What will the music students do next year when they can't go to Gladys and pour out their troubles and look to her for inspiration? With her unlimited ability and capacity for work, we know she will reach any goal. She strives to attain, and our best wishes go with her.

Although there isn't much to Reid, what there is is of the best. Her smallness of stature has not made her any less active, for whether it be in Y. W. C. A., society or class, she is right there. The Class of '21 has found in her a loyal member. Here's to Reid!

Which one? Oh, that tall, slender, dignified girl who wears a red sweater? That's Gladys Wells! Is that the real Gladys? No, indeed; that's just what you see first. Gladys is the jolliest, funniest, best old sport you ever saw. She's right on hand when it comes to real fun. That's still not all of Gladys' traits. Gladys is the brainiest girl in the Senior Class; she is capable of handing any sort of a problem from a problem in citizenship to a problem in cooking. 'Tis said she will be a splendid cook. It is the joy of her life to work up her cooking notebook. We are expecting big things of Gladys; she is going to study law next winter, and will likely specialize in juvenile courts. Success will be hers, we are sure. To us, however, Gladys will always be the wise, capable, jolly, friendly pal.

SOPHY: Since, in the course of human events, and most unnecessarily, I assure you, I must go through the stage of being a sophomore, I want to decide which of you will be the best as a companion. Speak!

Truly, Adelphian, Cornelian, and Dikean represent to every North Carolina College girl all that is the best, the truest and the most inspiring in college life. In her own society the student finds her ideal. She realizes that in it lies the truest and best way of expressing her intellectuality, her principles, and her joy in Service. And, as one might say, Service is the goal toward which the three societies strive. They attempt, through a detailed organization and a definite plan of work, to be of Service to the college and to the state.

Feeling the need of an organization for stimulating interest in good literature and original composition, and believing that this end may best be attained through the association of those students and faculty of the college who have evinced interest in good literature and a desire to write well, we band ourselves together for mutual advancement, and dedicate our efforts to such work as the organization may deem best.

Recently Miss Ada Oakes married Mr. Pine; maid of honor, Miss Laurel; best man, Mr. Birch; preacher, Mr. Wood; honeymoon to Hickory; hostess, Mrs. Shingle. (We notice from this that the Lumber Association is matrimonially inclined. Who said marriage could be a knotty problem?) 041b061a72

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