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Download Tout Est Fout Pdf

The Supervisor Boot ROM version upgrade is a boot ROM hardware upgrade if necessary. You can download the latest bootstrap software image in order to upgrade the MSFC Bootstrap version. Refer to these documents in order to upgrade boot ROM on Supervisor modules:

Download Tout est fout pdf

Download the CatOS software image onto the PC that acts as the TFTP server prior to actual image upgrade. You can download the software image from the Cisco LAN Switching Software Center (registered customers only) . See the Difference Between CatOS and Cisco IOS System Software section for more information on CatOS and Cisco IOS Software.

Download and install any shareware TFTP software from the Internet on the PC that you use in order to copy the CatOS software image to the switch. The TFTP server root directory must be the directory to which the software image is downloaded. You can download the images to the default root directory of the TFTP server or change the root directory path to the directory in which the software image resides. For the Cisco TFTP server, you can change the root directory from the View Menu > Options.

Note: This document was written when the Cisco TFTP server was available for download through the Software Center. Cisco no longer supports the Cisco TFTP server. If you use the Cisco TFTP server, disable the logging function to prevent excessive logs, which can disrupt the TFTP process.

The best practice is to keep the main software image in slot0 and the boot loader image in the MSFC bootflash. Verify whether you have enough space available in the slot0 and MSFC bootflash in order to copy the new image from the TFTP server. You can check the size of the new image on the PC to which it is downloaded. The Supervisor Engine 720, uses the term disk0: and disk1: rather than slot0:, so in this example, replace the word slot0: with disk0: or disk1:, which depends upon which disk you use.

Verify that the images are copied correctly. Check that the file size of the new image matches the size on the software center. If they do not match, it is possible that the image got corrupted during transfer. You might need to download the image again in order to avoid the switch reloading in ROMMON mode.

Check whether the image has been downloaded directly from TFTP to slot 0 or downloaded to an ATA card and then copied from ATA cards to slot 0. If the image has been downloaded directly to the ATA cards, format the ATA cards before you download the image from the TFTP server. 041b061a72

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