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Gregory Abramov
Gregory Abramov

Lollipop Malayalam Movie [CRACKED]

By this Karunan realises that Pranchi is a soul. By the realisation he fainted down. In this time, soul of Rose's dad Chandykunju came to Pranchi. The movie ends when Pranchi and Chandykunju looking at Franco and Jenny's happy life.

Lollipop Malayalam Movie


Lollipop goes all pop and has twists and turns galore, but with no intellect in store. Eminently (mis)directed and disastrously scripted, this jawbreaker movie deserves to remain all wrapped up and tossed straight into the trash can.

Music videos have become a new trend on social media. Though they are musical artists who are sensational superstars in Hollywood and the Hindi music industry, movie songs are the prime source of music in South India even today. It is gradually changing and a lot of individual artists and songs which are not part of any film are arriving off late and pleasing the audience. Popular singer Rahul Sipligunj is known for his foot-tapping songs aimed at youth. Recent sensation 'Bulletu Bandi' is also one example. Keerthy Suresh too featured in a music video named 'Gandhari' and it earned millions of views. There are many such songs in Telugu but a pan-Indian song is coming out soon. 041b061a72

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