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Zulu Masters

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Zulu Masters

Laura Townsend is an essayist and screenwriter based in Los Angeles. She studied writing at The University of Iowa and UCLA. She is passionate about American history and deeply inspired by the masters who came before her.

This is the first time in its thirty-five years of selling historic and traditional non-European art that Douglas Dawson Gallery has identified a living artist by name. Perhaps she or other Zulu masters will eventually attract talented apprentices who will carry the tradition into future generations. Can the special qualities of an Ukhamba pot be cultivated outside the hearth and altar? I think so, but both artists and collectors will need to accept it as more of an aesthetic than a ceremonial object. (Chris Miller)

This Faculty of Arts virtual graduation session marked a joyous occasion for the Zulu royal family as Her Royal Highness (HRH) Nomfundo Nomcebo Zulu from the Royal house of KwaDlamahlahla in Nongoma, was one of the graduates. Princess Zulu graduated with a Master of Arts in Development Studies. She is the sister of the late King Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu and an aunt to the current king (King Misuzulu).

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From 2000 to 2005 Princess hosted a live talk-radio show, Positive Living. She has been profiled in leading media across the world, including in Good Morning America, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Jet, Ebony, BBC World News, Guardian UK, Canada Sun Times, Irish Independent, and ABC (Australia). She has been an ambassador for World Vision's HIV and AIDS HOPE Initiative, and she is the founder of Fountain of Life in Zambia, later known Eternity Fountain, and cofounder of African Extended Family System Support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (AFESS-OVC). April 24, 2004, was declared Princess Kasune Zulu Day in Chicago, where Princess currently lives with her husband, David, and daughters, Joy and Faith Zulu. She is pursuing her masters degree at North Park University.

English, Dutch and later Afrikaans had been the only official languages used by all South African governments before 1994. However, in the Kwazulu bantustan the Zulu language was widely used. All education in the country at the high-school level was in English or Afrikaans. Since the demise of apartheid in 1994, Zulu has been enjoying a marked revival. Zulu-language television was introduced by the SABC in the early 1980s and it broadcasts news and many shows in Zulu. Zulu radio is very popular and newspapers such as isoLezwe,[14] Ilanga[15] and UmAfrika in the Zulu language are available in Kwazulu-Natal province and in Johannesburg. In January 2005 the first full-length feature film in Zulu, Yesterday, was nominated for an Oscar.[16] 781b155fdc

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