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Where To Buy Cheap Tickets For Broadway ^HOT^

Broadway and Off-Broadway have roared back to life in New York. That's the good news; the bad news is that the ever-rising cost of tickets makes it hard to take full advantage of what the city's stages have to offer. But the situation is not as dire as it may seem: Discount Broadway tickets are everywhere, and modern technology makes it easier than ever to find cheap seats, even at the last minute. If you play your cards right, you can even score seats for sold-out hits like Hamilton. Here are the five best ways to get your hands on cheap Broadway tickets.

where to buy cheap tickets for broadway

Great a resource as it is, TKTS has limitations: You have to wait there in person, often for a long time, and you can only get tickets on the day of the show (or the day before a matinee). Thankfully, the Internet provides alternatives. The popular TodayTix app lets you find discounted tickets on your mobile phone up to month in advance; discount deals are listed alongside tickets being sold at regular prices. Another reliable online source for cheap Broadway seats is New York Show Tickets; membership there costs about $5 per month. Good discounts can be also be found at BroadwayBox, TheaterMania, Playbill and GoldStar. Consider visiting all of these options and shopping around for the best bargain. And in January/February and September, you can avail yourself of the two-for-one deals offered through the Broadway Week program. (But remember: The usual online ticketing fees, generally $10 to $15 per ticket, tend to apply when you use these discounts, and that can bite into your savings.)

There are over 14 different types of tickets available to a live Broadway show. The main types are Regular Tickets at Face Value and Discount Code Tickets that are the cheapest options. On our website, we offer four different types of discount Broadway tickets and two non-discounted ticket options for NYC shows.

Discount Code Tickets are exclusive promotional offers that we provide that make Broadway tickets lower in price. On our Discount Broadway Tickets page, both Orchestra seats (ORCH) and Mezzanine seats (MEZZ) are listed and are the cheapest priced face value options for each of these tickets are shown..

These tickets have a discount ranging anywhere from 10% off to 70% off the standard face value of Broadway show tickets. Our members can use our proprietary discount codes to purchase these discount Broadway tickets. You can access all of these Broadway discount codes with a purchase of the Broadway ticket guide.

Another ticket option are Broadway Lottery Tickets which are, as the name says, a free lottery to win the right to buy low-priced Broadway tickets. Typically, people enter themselves into the lottery for free and are randomly selected to be able to buy these Broadway show tickets at a great discount. Lottery Tickets are typically the very cheapest way to see a live Broadway show, but people are not guaranteed to win and typically you must enter a few times to win.

Standing Room Only tickets are another cheap way to see a Broadway show, as they are a low-cost option for audience members who are willing to stand for the entirety of a performance. SRO tickets are usually only on the same day of the performance and when all other tickets are sold-out.

You may need to empty the national bank, but at least your tickets will be real. With such exorbitant prices, forgeries are everywhere. The New York Times has reported that people try to enter the theater almost daily with fake tickets.

Occasionally, TodayTix offers digital lottery or rush tickets to select shows. You should check the app or website to learn more about these. Basically, you have the chance to enter to win even cheaper tickets to popular shows through the app. Later in this post you will read more about digital lotteries and rush tickets.

Theaters that offer rush tickets (you can find an up-to-date list here) start selling these tickets when the box office opens. Review that list and decide which show you want to go for. Then, double check when the box office opens and where the theater is located.

To avoid heartbreak when your favorite show is sold out, you can book tickets in advance on They are known for offering the best prices on broadway tickets with some great discounts available!

Tickets range from $20 to $175 depending on which show you watch. Chicago, The Phantom of the Opera and Kinky Boots are some of the cheapest Broadway shows you can watch whilst Hamilton, Frozen, The Lion King, Aladdin and Wicked are some of the more expensive broadway show tickets to buy.

Are you a college student interning in New York for the summer on a budget, but you want to see a lot of theatre? Or are you moving to New York in the fall and planning on seeing as many shows as possible? Luckily, it is possible to see almost any show without breaking the bank! Since I am in New York for a day or two every week for one of my internships, I have been catching at least one show every week, but always for under $60 with quality seats. Usually, I can even keep the price under $45. Since Broadway is super expensive, this seems impossible, yet there are many programs that offer affordable tickets which college students should take advantage of. Here are a few of my tips on scoring affordable Broadway (and Off-Broadway) tickets:Lottery TicketsMost Broadway musicals and a few Broadway plays and Off-Broadway productions offer a digital ticket lottery where you can enter for the chance to purchase deeply discounted tickets. Many people know of the famous, competitive Hamilton lottery ticket where $10 gets you the front row, which is the best deal on Broadway, but not all lotteries are hard to win. In fact, I have won quite a few this summer which has allowed me to see Moulin Rouge for $34 in premium mezzanine seats, Phantom of the Opera for around $40 in the third row, and more. There is no cost of entering a lottery, and it does not require you to purchase tickets if you win. Most lotteries will have you enter 1 day before the performance, and you will find out later that day if you won, then you will have a limited time to purchase tickets. However, not all lotteries have the same rules, so some require you to enter 2 days prior or release results on the day of the show. Be sure to keep your email notifications on so you do not miss a lottery win! All Jujamcyn Productions have their lotteries on, some Nederlander Productions have their lotteries on, and some Shubert productions have their lotteries on Additionally, the TodayTix app offers some lotteries for Broadway and Off-Broadway productions and Wicked has an in-person lottery a couple hours before every show which is significantly easier to win than the digital lottery since you must be present to claim your ticket(s). You do not get to choose your seats with lottery tickets, and they may be split up or partial view, but I have had great seats every time I purchased lottery tickets.

Many Broadway and Off-Broadway productions offer rush tickets which are around the same price as lottery tickets. A few productions, such as The Minutes, The Kite Runner, and Between The Lines, have rush tickets on the TodayTix app available every day at a specific time until they run out. If a production offers rush tickets at the box office, then you do not have to pay fees which can make it cheaper than lottery tickets. The one challenge about a rush ticket is in the name: you need to rush to the box office or the TodayTix app at a certain time in order to get you tickets. If you are doing digital rush, I suggest setting an alarm 2 minutes before tickets get released so you can be on the app and ready to purchase the second the tickets get released. If you are aiming for an in-person rush, you should try to get to the box office 20-30 minutes before it opens. If you are trying to get tickets to The Music Man, you will need to get there around 6 AM since it is one of the only ways to get tickets under $100! Nevertheless, some of the shows that have been around for a while or are not popular have rush tickets available all day long. Check out your favorite production's website or the TodayTix app to see if they offer rush tickets. You do not get to choose your seats with rush tickets, and they may be split up or partial view, but I have had great seats every time I rushed a show. Sometimes even better than lottery tickets! 041b061a72

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