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Boris Mishin
Boris Mishin

254 : The Spiral Of Revenge

Mitsuki and Sarada are shocked by Boruto's proposal. So is Chōjūrō back on Kirigakure's fleet. Ikada says Boruto's life isn't enough to stop the war, but Boruto says it's all he can do. Sarada and Mitsuki try to dissuade Boruto, Mitsuki saying he can't afford to lose Boruto. Ikada says he'll consider it if Sarada and Mitsuki can stay back and watch Boruto die, but they refuse. Boruto says he's scared of dying, and believes that everyone who has died in the war felt the same, that others were saddened by their deaths. He feels that someone has to be the one to take on the pain to stop the war, and is willing to be that person, and asks Sarada and Mitsuki not to take revenge for him. Gokai interjects, arguing that as the one who killed Funamushi, Boruto doesn't deserve an easy death. Ikada allows him and the others to attack Boruto, while Boruto asks Sarada and Mitsuki to stay still. Araumi considers what Ikada came up with fun. Kawaki wonders what Boruto is doing as he prepares to kill Araumi. Sarada and Mitsuki approach Boruto on the floor, while Ikada mocks them. Sarada asks Boruto if he trusts the Funato to stop fighting after he dies, but standing up, Boruto says it's not about trust, it's about what he needs to do. Ikada stops the other Funato from attacking, saying Kobuna has the right of delivering the killing blow. Ikada explains that the strong currents where they are will never allow him to resurface, showing them a ramp for Boruto to be tossed off the ship. Chōjūrō allows Misuno to prepare an attack on the mobile fortress, thinking Boruto's naivete won't stop the war. Team 5 and the swordsmen approach the Funato on a ship of their own. Kobuna is eager to avenge his father, and Boruto tells Kobuna how alike they were in seeking revenge. Boruto's wish for his death to quell their anger and hatred shakes Kobuna's resolve, and Boruto says he doesn't have to get blood on his hands, stepping off the ship himself. Ikada dares Sarada and Mitsuki to try avenging Boruto. Mitsuki struggles not to get into Sage Mode. Ikada is puzzled by their inaction despite the Funato taunting them about Boruto. Sarada confirms that she does hate them, having known Boruto since childhood, considering him a brother. Relating to that pain, and finding it impossible to suppress, Ikada eggs her on to take revenge. She does activate her Sharingan and take out a kunai, but she stops herself, throwing it on the floor. Mitsuki does the same, saying that if they attack, Boruto's wish will be in vain. Kobuna begins sobbing, and asks Ikada to tell him if he did the right thing by avenging his father. Ikada thinks of Seiren, and jumps into the ocean to save Boruto. He rises out in a sea dragon, going far enough up to split the storm clouds above them. Everyone is in awe of Ikada's power. Araumi is angry that he saved Boruto. Boruto is surprised to be alive, and Ikada tells him he won, his friends not trying to take revenge. Boruto tells him it's not about winning or losing. Ikada returns them to the ship, dispelling the sea dragon. Gokai questions why Ikada saved him, and he plainly answers because they didn't seek revenge. He declares the war over and orders their withdrawal. Gokai questions why Seiren and Funamushi died for. One of the Funato soldiers wants the fighting to stop so his children don't get drawn into it. Kobuna continues crying, and several Funato soldiers drop their harpoons, Gokai considering them a disgrace. Araumi aims the Chakra Cannon to the Shinonome 1, voicing his disappointment in Ikada. Kawaki enters the room, and tells him he's already lost to Boruto and Ikada. Araumi refuses to give up, so Kawaki slashes his throat with his bladed arm. Gokai tries to rile up the Funato soldiers to keep on fighting, but Boruto wants their future to be different from their past, mentioning Kagura's wish for his village to be a symbol of peace. Chōjūrō admits he has a lot to learn, having dismissed Boruto's determination as naivete. Buntan chooses to abandon seeking revenge for Kagura and Hebiichigo. Ikada tells Boruto he is tired of hating and being hated, preferring if everyone can keep smiling. Boruto tells him he wished to talk and laugh with Ikada again.

254 : The Spiral of Revenge

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The war between the Funato and the Kirigakure forces is going to end, one way or another. Boruto is risking everything to make Ikada see reason so he can understand that revenge is not the way to go. However, the Funato are stubborn, and they do not want to forgive and forget all the pain that was inflicted on them.

Boruto also had a point to make. There will be a chain of hatred forever if they do not end this war now. Even if the Funato wins this war today, someday in the future, they will want revenge on the Funato for the deaths of their loved ones.

Post-traumatic embitterment disorder (PTED) is defined as a pathological reaction to a negative life event, which those affected experienced as a grave insult, humiliation, betrayal, or injustice. Prevalent emotions of PTED are embitterment, anger, fury, and hatred, especially against the triggering stressor, often accompanied by fantasies of revenge. The disorder commences immediately and without time delay at the moment of the triggering event. If left untreated, the prognosis of PTED presents as rather unfavorable, since patients find themselves trapped in a vicious circle of strong negative emotions constantly intensifying one another and eventually leading into a self-destructive downward spiral. People affected by PTED are more likely to put fantasies of revenge into action, making them a serious threat to the stressor.

PTED will not subside on its own but rather intensify over time, leading patients into a self-destructive downward spiral of negative emotions constantly reinforcing one another. If left untreated, PTED is very likely to eventually lead those affected into implementing their aggressions towards the stressor, thereby committing the most serious felonies.[16]

What we see happening here is a classic example of the discount-revenge cycle. This is precisely what George Prince and his colleagues studied and were able to prove through repeated recording of sessions like this and from brain research which is that people are extremely sensitive to the slightest threat to meaningfulness. Anything that is perceived as a discount will tend to generate a response in the form of either revenge (a come-back, or one-better) or a complete withdrawal.

According to the work of George Prince, any sort of slight or negative attention or lack of acknowledgment is enough to set the discount-revenge cycle in motion. Given the unlimited opportunities for such unintended discounts in the everyday operations of businesses and other organizations, the extent of defensiveness and lack of commitment by employees is hardly surprising.

This doesn't seem to be entirely new stuff. Claremont had previously hinted that the Shadow King could cross diemnsions in Excalibur #22, where the team visits an Earth controlled by the SK (who is here the secret manipulator behind the Dark Phoenix saga) The SK seeks revenge on Rachel -- who has no counterpart on this alternate world -- for the events eventually published as the "True Friends" miniseries, which happened in the main Marvel Earth's timeline. So the SK seems to be a multiversal entity in at least some of Claremont's stories. No wonder Roma is involved! 041b061a72

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