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Makar Ustinov

Normal People Drama 2020 0h 30m 8.4

By March 1999, the channel admitted defeat in its ratings war with ITV, with its spring line up emphasising more on serious factual and educational programmes, and drama. This change in strategy came about after continuing complaints that the channel was appealing to the lowest common denominator to increase viewership. Reliance on docusoaps and the dropping of the vilified Noel's House Party were chastened by the hoax guests on The Vanessa Show. Alan Yentob said "The spring package is to remind people of what the BBC is here for, range and ambition you won't find anywhere else at peak time". The changes helped the channel distinguish itself from (as one BBC executive said) "its down-market rival and would not compete for viewers on ITV's terms."[32]

Normal People Drama 2020 0h 30m 8.4

On 29 March 2002, the globe was replaced by a series of visual identities, "idents", consisting of people dancing in various styles. These were replaced on 7 October 2006 by the 'circle' idents. According to the BBC, the circle symbol both represents togetherness (unity) and acts as a link to the classic globe icon used for 39 years.[106] They ran until 4 December 2016, when that year's Christmas idents launched. On 1 January 2017, a new ident set launched, based on the theme of "oneness".[107][108] Following complaints from viewers on social media that the 2017 set of BBC One idents were not good examples of social distancing amid the Coronavirus Disease 2019 pandemic in the UK, BBC One temporarily suspended the 2017 idents on 1 May 2020 in favour of a special set of idents that adhere towards the social distancing guidelines.[109] The idents were reinstated on 19 July 2021 when the UK government lifted some Coronavirus restrictions until the new Lens idents arrived the following year on 1 April 2022.

The DOL numbers here are spot on. They come from the states that have real people collecting real checks. The BLS system for the NFP report is built on surveys that in normal times give a fairly reliable figure, but these are not normal times.

Control the virus and the economy comes back. Our infection rates have increased due to young people partying this summer, to a whopping 2% in BC. And people here are freaking out and pissed off about it. Bars are now shut at 10:00pm and no nightclubs open. Music must be set quite low so no shouting to be heard. Anyway, schools are open for in-person learning, the forest industry is booming and local tourism quite robust. The only down sector is foreign/US tourism, dining out in large numbers, and events requiring greater than 50 people to attend. Other than that life is pretty normal except for mask wearing in stores and dining tables restricted to 6 patrons and no rafting up tables.

Totally agree with you on TAP- brand new quiet planes. The stop over is a nice perk. I want to return to Porto and will want to try TAP. One thing I did find is their website is a little quirky and not always intuitive nor in US dollars. Hopefully they have fixed that. But I agree that they are worth the hassle and plan to check them out in 2023. I was in Portugal March of 2020 and the Lisbon airport was being remodeled. But Portugal is a great destination- inexpensive, gorgeous architecture, great history, friendly people, and great food. 041b061a72

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