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Izyaslav Vinogradov
Izyaslav Vinogradov


Chernobylite is a survival game in which the player controls Igor Khymynuk, a former Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant physicist who must explore the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in search of his fiancée.[1] Most of the single-player gameplay revolves around exploring the exclusion zone, gathering supplies and tools while encountering "Stalkers" and hostile military personnel. The player is also forced to make decisions which affect the nonlinear story line. There is also a crafting system, which allows the player to craft their own equipment and weapons.[2] Any character can die and any task can be failed.[3] Deep in the contaminated environment also lie strange supernatural threats, due to the "chernobylite" created from the nuclear aftermath.[4]


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One of the key motifs in the game is the radioactive substance known as chernobylite, itself inspired by actual minerals formed by the Chernobyl Disaster. But there is a lot more to the stuff than Igor initially understands. Aside from being the "most radioactive substance in the world," it proves to have some very strange properties. It seems to be capable of manipulating the fabric of space and time.

But if chernobylite could be produced by high radioactivity, could it conceivably appear in other places under the right conditions? This is actually discussed in-game, though never given a clear answer. However, Igor does note that it is theoretically possible for Chernobylite to appear in places with high radioactivity. This does make it possible, though unconfirmed, that chernobylite could be found in the aftermath of other nuclear disasters. 041b061a72

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