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Makar Ustinov
Makar Ustinov

Attack Of The Unknown (2020)

A SWAT team transporting a vicious crime syndicate boss find themselves trapped inside of a county detention center as the world burns around them. They have no communication with the outside world and must band together to escape the bloodthirsty alien forces attacking them. Attack of the Unknown is directed by American actor / musician / filmmaker Brandon Slagle, director of many other genre films including The Dark Avengers, Subject 87, Area 51 Confidential, The Black Dahlia Haunting, Dead Sea, House of Manson, Escape from Ensenada, Crossbreed, and The Dawn previously. The screenplay is also written by Brandon Slagle, from a story by Michael Mahal and Sonny Mahal. Gravitas will release Slagle's Attack of the Unknown in select US theaters + on VOD starting August 28th this month. Who's interested?

Attack of the Unknown (2020)

The alien ship is impressive when it turns up. Though an otherwise well-done scene of the alien craft blowing holes in the LA skyline loses its impact when you see the traffic cruising by on the freeway like nothing was happening. But just as the film seems to be picking up we get another half hour of talk before the aliens attack the building.

Once the invaders finally get serious about attacking the police station Attack of the Unknown does become enjoyable. The aliens look like something out of a 50s film. And I mean that in the best sense of the term. There are some gooey effects and we even get a bit of action inside the alien craft itself as Vernon and Hannah (Jolene Andersen, Hellraiser: Revelations, Resident Evil: Damnation) fight the aliens on their own turf.

After a long period of undercover work comes to a head, a tight knit SWAT team finally apprehends cartel boss Hades (Robert LaSardo) and is quickly assigned to move him to a secure police stronghold. During the transfer unexpected guest from the skies descend upon planet earth ready to drain some very natural resources. SWAT member Vern, (Richard Grieco) leads the group while fighting off the depression of an impending divorce, loss of a fellow cop, and a dooming medical prognosis. After an initial close encounter the team secure Hades and try to wrap their heads around the new otherworldly threat. Pinned in by aliens, surrounded by hardened criminals, and cut off from the outside world, both heroes and villains must unite to try and escape a world under attack.

The only hint (other than the FX credit) in the first 20 minutes that this is going to involve aliens comes in artwork drawn by Hades' young son. We'll find out that Hades, like the local girl in PREDATOR, has prior knowledge of these space invaders. Hades was raised on the story of a time, in the days of his great-great grandfather, when blood-harvesting aliens attacked a group of settlers, and we even get to see a flashback to this attack, which allows Tara Reid to make a cameo in old timey clothing.

AK: In the best-case scenario, they could do it underground, but sometimes they were denied premises and they didn't have the opportunity to show all those films, even to adults. And I don't know if you remember that they had a lot of attacks from conservative civil society, calling to the police and saying that there is a bomb in the venue, where a Side by Side screening would have taken place.

AK: And all those everyday issues and troubles you don't even consider. In the LGBTQ community, there's a lot of conversation going on about HIV status, for example. People who are HIV positive need constant access to therapy. And it's not so easy to get that access when you are in an unknown immigration status somewhere outside of your normal residency. And it's just an example of course, but this is something that people are facing.

Cyberattacks are expected and prevalent in our digital world. We are no longer shocked to hear about a massive data breach because they have become part of a new normal.

A few years ago, I had a loving partner who I adored and a home we bought, hoping to start a family and make it our forever home. We talked about our future plans and had our dreams. In February, he began to experience chest pains; the doctors told us not to worry. He was fit and healthy, so we simply carried on. Until one fateful day in August when he left home and never came back. He died of a sudden heart attack.

The model training process includes multiple components, such as data collection, data processing, model construction, training scheduling, and model deployment. Different parts of the process are threatened by different types of backdoor attacks [16]. To defend against textual backdoor attacks, methods such as word list detection [14], poisoned training data detection [17,18], and outlier word detection [19] have been proposed. These methods are effective defenses achieved in some scenarios. Different scenarios lead to different defense conditions and therefore different defense strategies. Regarding the development history and research status of textual backdoor defense [20,21,22,23,24,25,26], the current academic research on it is in its infancy, and there are fewer existing backdoor defense methods than attack methods; thus, there are not enough to cover the attack scenarios, and there is still much room for improvement in the defense effect.

Backdoor attack conditions are limited. In scenario 1, the attacker can only manipulate the training dataset, but cannot modify the DNN model structure, training schedule, and inference pipeline. In scenario 2, the attacker can manipulate the training dataset, and can also modify the DNN model structure and control the pre-training schedule. 041b061a72

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