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Buy Paper Bags Wholesale

Paper shopping bags are the most versatile retail packaging staple, no matter what the season or current fashion trend. Recycled brown kraft and colored shopping bags are often the perfect solution because they allow you to dress them up with decorative tissue paper, raffia ribbon, and even your personalized logo. There is also a larger selection available as far as sizing options when compared to many paper shopping bag designs.

buy paper bags wholesale

  • The following are some of the characteristics that typically differentiate between paper shopping bags and laminated gift bags. Paper shopping bags have rigid twist handles colored to match or compliment the bag. The top opening of the bag typically has a subtle serrated edge, and many are made from recycled materials. Sizes offered within this line are more extensive than most. You will find that brown and white Kraft bags have the largest size selections. They range from a small rose size for little gifts to extra-large durable take out bags for restaurants and cafes. These bags are sturdy enough to withstand a bit of wear and tear and are available in large and small bulk quantities. There are also some assortment options. With the wide variety of colors and designs, you will find shopping bags to be great for everyday use in your home, grocery store, restaurant, or retail business. Recycled shopping bags are also very popular because they meet the requirements for areas experiencing plastic bag bans.

  • Paper Gift Bags have rope handles that compliment or match each bag. The rope handles can be pulled inside the gift bag when on display and then pulled out when you are ready to pick it up and go. The tops of the bags have a smooth upscale opening with options in heavy weight matte colors, gloss colors, kraft and prints. Bulk packs of 100 or smaller packs of 10 provide you with the advantage to choose the exact amount you need for your boutique or an upcoming event.Sizes in this line range from an extra small petite bag that is perfect for jewelry to a large vogue tote bag that is perfect for sweaters or dresses. No matter the occasion, these luxury paper bags will be sure to make a statement!

Customized Paper Shopping BagsCall us at 1-800-547-9727 and share your packaging goals. Our custom department has knowledgeable and friendly customer care agents that specialize in stock and custom options. Let us help you find the perfect bags, tissue paper, ribbons, bows, and gift tags to represent and build your brand. With all of us working together, we are sure to meet or exceed your personalized packaging needs!

Paper Bag Company are market leaders in supplying quality retail and promotional paper bags and packaging. We also hold a large stock of plain wholesale paper bags and packaging available for same-day dispatch. Our wholesale carrier bags are made from the highest quality paper. Take a look at the vast range of paper bags available within the selection below.

Your selection of packaging is important on many levels but most importantly it adds value to your merchandise and gives an experience to your customers. You want every transaction to be special and memorable so people will return to your business again and again. In person interaction ends when you hand the shopper their purchases, therefore presentation is important. Whether you are serving customers in a retail setting, hosting trade show traffic or selling your items at a craft fair or outdoor market you most likely need to provide a custom printed paper bag for your customers.

Paper bags are a wonderful ecological option as they are durable, recyclable and most often American made. As the discussion in many areas continues on waste control and environmental concerns paper bags are seen by many as the responsible choice for our planet. Fortunately, there are many options in paper bags from economical SOS and merchandise bags without handles, to high end Euro Totes that can have every aspect of themselves customized from the ribbon handles to the gusset printing. Whether its Paper Shopping Bags, Euro Totes, Merchandise bags or SOS bags, we have them all in different paper materials, handle styles, coatings, sizes, and colors.

The most commonly used paper bag is the Twisted handle Shopping Bag. These come in a variety sizes, colors and are also available in pre-printed designs to meet your aesthetic or holiday needs. Custom printing on these paper bags is advertising money well spent as shoppers carry them around town.

The smallest size paper bag, a Gem sized bag is 5.5"x3.25"x8.33" and is perfect for fashion jewelry, trinkets and candy purchases. The most popular two sizes in the paper shoppers are the Cub and Vogue size. Most businesses that are customizing their bags chose these two sizes. A Cub sized paper bag at 8"x4.75"x10.5" is perfect for t-shirts, scarves or small glassware. The Vogue sized paper bag is 16x6x13 and is the iconic bag design for clothing stores and fashion related businesses. If you have large items like pillows or outerwear the Jumbo bag 24"x7"x18" is a perfect choice.

As you look for the right sized custom printed paper shopping bag you will notice that there is a rainbow of colors available. We have everything from natural & organic looking brown kraft, clean crisp white as well as a wide range of other colors. Some business owners opt for metallic colors. We even offer pre-printed patterns like western, animal, jungle and much more.

These elegant and sophisticated paper bags were initially used overseas in the fashion districts of Italy and France. American Retail Supply offers a wide variety of Euro Totes including laminated, gloss, matte and customized options that scream high end luxury. One recent addition to this line of packaging is the Purse Tote which is a one-step way to package jewelry or small items. The unique look of the Purse Tote is further elevated by the high-end matching ribbon that closes and essentially wraps the items in one step. Another wonderful option is the Tinted Euro Tote. You will find the thickness of the paper coupled with its soft buttery feel really add to rich look of these paper bags.

One staple of the packaging industry is eco friendly Paper Shoppers. These bags are available in an array of sizes and colors including stock patterns for western orientated business. Brown kraft and white kraft paper is very popular for cost, recyclability, as well its clean, functional look. As more businesses are faced with local and state bag ordinances the paper shopping bag with handles has become more popular not just with gift and apparel businesses but also a cross section of all stores including pet stores, book stores and more. Paper shopping bags are durable and ecologically friendly plus there are also considered an upgrade from plastic bags.

At American Retail Supply we have organized your eco-friendly paper bag choices by color and pattern. The recycled category has both brown shoppers and white kraft shoppers in 100% recycled material and a less expensive option that is made with at least 40% recycled materials.

We also carry solid color options and shadow striped options. We also have Metallic and Ice Collections that have wonderful assortments of bags that shimmer and sparkle in the light with tones of metal and pastels. These bags look amazing with a tone on tone hot-stamp or ink print. If you want more of a glossy look for your bag, we have you covered with a line of paper shoppers that has been lightly lacquered to a gloss finish. Are you a western retailer or just love the old west look? We have a line of specially printed paper shoppers that showcase horses, cowboys and equine-centric themes.

Our 19-inch large paper grocery bags with handles make shopping a breeze! Use for eco-friendly trips to the store, for retail purchases, and as gift bags for events, giveaways, and raffles. All of our kraft shopping bags fold flat for easy storage and have a reinforced bottom. Durable and strong, each case includes 200 sturdy, reusable bags.

Give customers, clients or guests an end-to-end experience with our custom paper bags. Choose from white or brown recyclable kraft paper and different sizes. And with a starting quantity of just 500pcs.

All paper bag printing is conducted utilizing environmentally friendly inks. We manage all paper bag printing services and artwork in-house, using existing design and machines if necessary to suit the range of paper bag or create a brand concept from scratch.

We at YOON offer amazing paper bags that are affordable, environmentally friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable. Here, you can get all the supplies you require for food service. We sell disposable paper bags in a range of sizes and shades. YOON provides consumers with the best items, delivers on time, and is customer-satisfied.

We offer wholesale paper bag printing services to our customers according to their needs. We use a variety of vivid, premium colors that are smudge-proof and safe for customers and the environment while labeling the bags and printing logos on them.

YOON is a kraft paper bags manufacturer providing custom bags made from innovative and biodegradable food packaging materials. At YOON, we design high-quality paper bags with various designs for the food industry.

YOON should be your first choice for innovative and biodegradable food packaging materials. At YOON, we design high-quality paper bags for various sectors of the food industry. Whether you want simple and elegant packaging options or custom logo-printed paper bags, YOON can be your go-to takeaway paper bags wholesale provider.

We have a big range, so we stock bags that are small enough for small items such as jewellery, bags that are large enough to hold A3 notebooks, and everything in between. We stock flat bags, but many bags in our range have gussets, which means they fold out to hold lots of whatever you want to put in them. 041b061a72

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