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Osip Aksenov
Osip Aksenov

[S4E8] Wishful Thinking !NEW!

It turns out all this is wishful thinking because this week, we do indeed have to witness the final demise of Abraham Setrakian. The strigoi worms do their jobs despite the warfarin, and the strigoi transformation is nigh for the good professor. Through the horrified eyes of Eph, Gus, Dutch, Fet, and Quinlan, we must watch Setrakian leave this mortal coil. It is a moment of mixed emotions. Of course there is sadness that the greatest vampire hunter of his age is finally brought low by his enemies, but there is also satisfaction that Setrakian was able to bring down his mortal foe Eichhorst. There is a sense of purpose and accomplishment, a feeling of a long life well lived. Now at the moment of death, Setrakian is a messianic figure, a symbol of all that is good and right with humanity.

[S4E8] Wishful Thinking

Beth actually looks happy and a little at peace at one point, realizing that her life may be slowly pieced back together with Rio behind bars and the Secret Service off her back. But that was wishful thinking indeed. 041b061a72

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