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Recipe Rehab Chef Vikki Chicken Fingers ((TOP))

I always do a traditional breakfast casserole and this year I made the breakfast sausage casserole you had featured. It was excellent and our family enjoyed it and was very easy to make. I used country sausage and a blend of diced peppers as well as zucchini. We followed that with prime rib for dinner which turned out perfect! Love your recipes. Have tried many of them. My 89 year old father fell and fractured his leg a few weeks before Christmas so we were able to bring him home for the day from the rehab center so he could enjoy some fabulous food! We are small family so special time was had by all.

recipe rehab chef vikki chicken fingers

Thank you for being transparent and sharing the story of your miracle!! May God bless you and keep you and continue to make His face shine upon you!I came across your site while looking for recipes for my chef-in-training daughter who loves to cook & bake ;-)

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