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Dragon Age 2 Romance Outfits ##BEST##

Taking care of your teammates is important! Without them you'd have a harder time in battles,have no one to talk to, andeven worse, you wouldn't be able to exploit them for awkward romance sequences. This handy guide points you in the direction of every armor upgrade and gift, both of which increase your companions' friendship towards you. Just like in real life!

Dragon Age 2 Romance Outfits


However, Anders' backstory as an apostate mage and former Grey Warden is compelling. He also is an intense romance option that ties directly into the plot of Dragon Age 2 and the central conflict. So, for those who like dramatic storylines, Anders is a good choice to pursue.

Overall, the franchise seems to do a better job of making male romanceable companions, as they can, at times, oversimplify or slightly oversexualize the female ones. Also, many of the most interesting female romanceable options are only available for male characters, and this is a shame.

I think that's all I use. I don't like mods that change companion looks (though outfits are fine). Most of the time when I see modded NPCs I have no idea who they're supposed to be. The class packs offer more than enough armor and weapon options so I don't need mods for that either.

phoray Better late than never! Here is what I have for Fenris files. I have the jacket outfit for him the whole game, then it switches to the romance version in Act 2, with red accents. It's not currently installed, though I might put it back after reconciling in Act 3. Fenris is so happy he goes shopping for a new outfit?

This mod adds a basic mutual romance outfit for Merrill and Isabela, intending to imply that the two have struck up a romance when not romanced by Hawke. Automation functionality here was notably trickier than in my Anders automatic romance outfit, so at this time, these outfits unfortunately only replace the base outfits for Isabela and Merrill, with no accompanying banters or automatic changing. The summary of the changes is as follows:Merrill: Merrill's "Water Lily" Isabelamanced outfit is a retexture of an outfit from the base game similar to her romance outfit but without the chainmail (which I tend to find looks... uh... really terrible with the rest of the outfit?). I have added a blue scarf corresponding to that of her base non-romanced outfit to this mesh and removed an absurd number of shoulderpads as well. In addition, Merrill has a flower crown, because eh, why not?Isabela: Isabela's Merrillmanced outfit has her dark corset with a green vine overlay (courtesy of free clipart available online) and a flower (intended to be a daisy) tucked behind one ear. I attempted to give her a variation with pants, but it really... did not work.

I intend to release a later version with some constructed Merrill/Isabela banters, automation for outfit changing, and ideally polyamory support for throwing Hawke in the mix (though this may be trickier if Hawke romances one but not the other, meaning that feature is provisional and may require yet further subsequent releases)/ This mod uses mesh exportation functionality and may have issues with the DirectX11 renderer; however, it is completely stable with the DirectX9 renderer.

Merrill actually appeared in Dragon Age: Origins for a brief time. She is a mage and an outcast of the Dalish elves. Because she dabbles in unorthodox magic and blood magic, the Dalish no longer trusted her. She is sweet but struggles with her identity after everything she has been through. If you like emo elves, she would be the one to pick. Me, I think she has way too much going on to romance, she should be focusing on herself.

Fenris Romance is a popular ship within the Dragon Age fandom. Fenris being a particular fan-favorite of the series, making his romance highly sought for. Fenris is only romanceable in Dragon Age II. He can become involved with a male or female Hawke, making it to be either a slash or het ship, depending on player choice.

If you would like to pursue a romance with Fenris, your first opportunity to flirt with him will be in Act 1 at the end of the Bait and Switch quest when he is first recruited. Completing this mission unlocks the Fenris Recruited companion quest. You should also keep in mind that Fenris does not trust mages. If you want to score friendship points with him (and not rivalry), avoid taking him on quests that help mages.

The Questioning Beliefs companion quest opens up in the middle of Act 2 after some of the main plot Dragon Age 2 quests have been completed. Note: If you are trying to romance Anders and Fenris at the same time, this quest may appear twice on your companion quest list.

At this point, it may be confusing as to whether or not your relationship has ended. However, your romance can still continue as long as you do not sleep with any other character. Patience is your guide. Dragon Age 2 romances seem to have their challenges. It will become clear later in the game as to why Fenris left your mansion after your romantic encounter. Fenris will also have friendly banter with you during your adventuring on quests if you decide to remain a couple. However, note that unlike Anders, you will not have the option to have Fenris move in with you. Fenris will choose to live alone even if you continue the relationship.

Kiryu's legendary accomplishments and ascent through the ranks of the Tojo Clan's Dojima Family as well as the dragon tattoo on his back have earned him the nickname "The Dragon of Dojima" (堂島の龍, Dōjima no Ryū). He was the fourth chairman of the Tojo Clan and previously managed Morning Glory Orphanage.

Kiryu's tattoo covers most of his back and ends just above his thighs. It depicts a white, gray, black, and red dragon grasping a pearl, symbolizing power, wisdom, protection, and balance in Japanese culture. The pearl contains the Sanskrit character for the year of the monkey, relating to Kiryu's Chinese zodiac year (1968).

Ferocious and brave protectors, dragons are typically associated with hot-tempered individuals, though Kiryu's silver-colored dragon also suggests purity of heart. During the events of Yakuza 0, only the outlines of the tattoo are present, but it has been seen in its completed state since then. The colors of red, white, gray, and black mirror the colors of Kiryu's iconic outfit.

Ryuji gets up and shoots Takashima dead, and the bomb is counting down. With survival uncertain and their masculine pride on the line, Kiryu and Ryuji choose to fight one last time instead of attempting to escape, with Kiryu proving himself the true dragon. Following Ryuji's death, Kiryu and Sayama embrace in the face of their apparent death, however, the bomb is revealed to be a fake. Kiryu suspects that is what Terada meant when he asked for trust while they all pay their respects to him at the cemetery.

After Kasuga and company defeat Shin Amon at the top of the Millennium Tower, Kiryu appears and expresses confidence in Kasuga's potential as a new rising dragon, hoping that he will live an honest life.

Once upon a time, videogames were really horrible at depicting romance and sex. Plot twist: that time is now. Dragon Age: Origins, however, holds the dubious distinction of having some of the worst sex scenes in gaming, not to mention many relationships that ended in BioWare's patented(ly pernicious) "give gifts until sex falls out" method. On the upside, the developer has been promising much more robust romance options for Dragon Age Inquisition - much more so than in Dragon Age 2, even - but it hasn't offered much in the way of details. I asked producer Cameron Lee, and we took a ride on the loooooove train - by which I mean we mostly talked about Saints Row IV and also animal genocide in Inquisition. Also I saw Inquisition's E3 demo and I... have some concerns.

It mostly looks fine. The tactical combat stuff? Fine. At E3 I was most impressed when our presenter had to topple a dragon, a process that - unlike many other encounters I saw - actually necessitated more than simple auto-pilot hack and slashery. The tactical pause/plan option was used liberally, bringing the action a halt and allowing the player to move the camera around and issue orders to individual party members. At one point the presenter even used a haste spell to slow down time for everyone except the party, then targeted individual limbs on the dragon in an effort to (literally) hamstring its movement. That was neat. There was a lot of fairly mindless flailing at other enemy types, but the dragon's raw, scaly brawn required at least a little clever brainery to overcome.

Encouragingly, he cited Saints Row IV - a game that parodied BioWare's time-honored traditions quite aptly with its central area and ability to insta-romance, er, anybody (robots included) - as a positive influence. But there was something to that, something real. Romance doesn't always have to unfold slowly. Sometimes it's spontaneous, given freely, or entirely meaningless. Just a silly one-off. No single approach is more valid than the other, and BioWare wants to keep that in mind for Inquisition.

"My favorite [romance option in Saints Row] was Kinzie. I was like, 'Damn right, girl. Get 'em!' I think in Inquistion you'll see more variety in that sense. It won't just be long, linear arcs. But it's also still more personal, about the people involved in the story." 350c69d7ab

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